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Reference Courses    (Courses that cover 100% of the Pragmatic content.)
# Components
PEAF Enrol View Enterprise Architecture - A Pragmatic Approach Using PEAF 148
PF2 Enrol View PF2 - The Pragmatic Family of Frameworks 54
POET Enrol View Enterprise Transformation - A Pragmatic Approach Using POET 197
Focus Courses    (Courses that focus on specifc areas.)
# Components
Culture Enrol View The Culture of Enterprise Transformation - The Inconvenient Pragmatic Truth 82
DOTS Enrol View Connecting the DOTS - The Death of 'The Business' and 'IT' 29
ETMC Enrol View Enterprise Transformation Maturity Canvas - A Pragmatic Approach to Maturity Assessment 65
T-Debt Enrol View Transformation Debt - A Pragmatic Approach to Transformation Governance 42
EA Enrol View What is EA - A Pragmatic Explanation 115
Tools Enrol View EA Tools - A Pragmatic Approach to Selection and Adoption 56
BiteSize Courses    (Courses based on small bitesized chunks.)
# Components
Barriers Enrol View Barriers to Adoption 14
Definitions Enrol View Some Fundamental Definitions 74
Exec Enrol View Executive Briefing - Why Should I Care 11
Governance Enrol View Governance using Principles & Transformation Debtâ„¢ 29
Intro Enrol View An Introduction to Pragmatics Frameworks 47
TOGAF Enrol View Comparing POET and PEAF to TOGAF and Zachman 16
Tools Enrol View Tools 40
Arc & Eng Enrol View What is Architecture 24
Certification Courses    (Courses that culminate in Certification exams.)
# Components
Found A Enrol View Pragmatic Training 1 - PEAF Foundation - Part A 121
Found B Enrol View Pragmatic Training 2 - PEAF Foundation - Part B 103
Cert A Enrol View Pragmatic Training 3 - PEAF Certified - Part A 61
Cert B Enrol View Pragmatic Training 4 - PEAF Certified - Part B 85

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